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Change how People Interact with the Indoors

ProxiEDGE provides a "state-of-the-art" solutions, that deliver great value to your venue users through customer immersion, by enabling physical and digital convergence.

BUZZ proximity platform, enhancing your customers' experiences by enabling location based interaction that allow you to understand customer behavior to deliver relevant and enhanced indoors experiences.


Delivering a powerful indoor event handling system that delivers a personalized experience to each user according to their location, profile, recent visits, and preferences.


Know where your customers are and serve them better. Deliver location aware content when customers enter or leave an area. Also draw customers with information and drive traffic to your venue.


Evaluate and analyze the data collected from visitors, to better understand their behavior and space utilization.


Providing a reliable content delivery tool enabling the organization to present content to customers easily and efficiently according to the desired rules

Solution Components

Buzz is an IPS (Indoor positioning system) that applies state-of-the art-technologies to locate objects or people inside a building. Whether it's a Hospital, Museum, Shopping Mall, Airport where location matters, Buzz will provide the organization and its customers with great value.


Beacons broadcast bluetooth signals with their identifiers to nearby smart devices which enables smart devices to perform actions when in close range to a Beacon.
View heat-maps indoors and outside to see where customers are, create and manage geo-fences, view location analytics and see user population densities. Maps are also utilized on the smart devices to guide users to their destinations and highlight POIs and Offers.
The application used by users to receive offers, or alerts, it’s how the places communicate with real people.
Data on people behavior and interactions with the locations are all collected, categorized and analyzed. Data is analyzed to provide insights on the performance of offers, the average time spent in each location, and the route of visitors.

    Create an enjoyable visitor experience with indoor maps in your app and your kiosks that...


    Build your application using one of our style templates while incorporating BUZZ capapbilities using our...


    Save money on print advertisment while providing your customers with amazing experience through rich media...


    Automatic delivery of content using context-based events, were you can trigger the delivery at specific...


    Enable realtime games based on customer profile, time, location or a combination of all....

  • Analytics

    Embed analytics APIs in your application to understand how your customer is using the App....


Complete Control

Complete solution aloowing organization to control the services delivered though the the frontend. Buzz is a platform that can integrate with any existing technology out there, be-it, wearables, mobile devices, tablets, displays, existing mobile apps and third party API’s.

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'Buzz' in Towen

  • Attendance Tracking

    Buzz for Attendance Tracking does not require any activity from your employees as the solution Track attendance with Beacons or QR code scanner....

    Attendance TrackingManager
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  • Customer Journey

    Buzz for Customer Journey delivers a smart solution to design every segment of the customer experience. The solution is highly sclable to run in one branch or serving a full franchise delivering real time analytics and live dashboards to increased...

    Customer JourneyConsultant
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  • Buzz Maps

    BUZZ Maps provides a solution that enables location-based and dynamic information system for venues to interact with their customers through their smart devices to enhance their experince though our BotGuide® technology....

    BUZZ MapsDesigner
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